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Mission Statement

To provide the highest quality of Natural and Organic Earth Friendly products and services that will enrich the lives of families and communities, while inpsiring them to live healthy lifestyles by making educated choices that are integral to their daily health plan.

Live Green Ltd is the lead organic and natural supplier of food, supplements, household, babycare, cosmetic and medicinal items in Trinidad. Conveniently located at #5 Belle Smythe Street, Woodbrook: the Live Green store provides sound education on its organic products and services. As Live Green seeks to influence the eating and lifestyle trends of the local populous towards a natural and holistic approach, most of the store's products are no stranger to international visitors of Trinidad and Tobago as they too can find their familiar products. The store provides a community that centers around a passion for health and wellness in the most natural ways possible.

Live Green was birthed in August 2011 by Janelle Xavier. Janelle also known as Jan, found inspiration for holistic living when she enacted upon a quest for alternative medicine for living a long happy and healthy lifestyle. During this quest, her path also led to many spiritual enlightening moments. Janelle is a certified reiki practitioner and have delved into many phylosophies that have further propelled her being into natural living. One of her most influential mentors was Stephen Alibocus - an Ayurvedic doctor from San Fernando, Trinidad. The establishment of Live Green has given Janelle the opportunity to educate people as to how they have the power to heal themselves naturally with the use of organic products whilest preventing and contributing to a healthy eco-system around them. 

There is a root to every problem. There is a natual cure for everything. Live Green should be your new pharmacy!